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Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar to download!

(Sorry for a poor quality video)

   I don’t know if you’re the same, but I tend to forget about my family birthdays. In fact, not entirely for everyone’s, but my disadvantage is that I cannot get myself to send a card early enough, so it can be received at birth day, or even better before.
  Maybe I'm old-fashioned, because most of people now sends a text message or a web card, but I like this habit, because then the person who receives a card will know that someone who sent it, thinks about that person and spend some time to choose this card and write wishes.

   I also have to admit that I'm tired of writing over and over the same wishes founded on the internet, so I’m trying to invent my own wishes, unless I'm so late in sending it that I have to write the standard one.
Anyway, because of my sclerosis, I decided to prepare a birthday calendar, which also includes important dates such as wedding anniversary or any other celebrations.

   As I assumed that this is not just my problem, I decided to share this calendar with you, please find the link below. When the website will open, click to Download, and then tick the box next to the file. Click at the Download selection that will show under the file and save it on your computer. Also I added a few extra words about how to use it.

   The calendar is in Excel version and it is very easy to use. Even simpler, as adding birthday etc., is automated. Just click in the cell where you want to add for example birthday and click the button that says Birthday. After a while the green box and a picture of the cake appear. Into the green box enter the date and the name into a cell. You can also find the Anniversary and Celebrations buttons. To distinguish these celebrations I added small images, which will allow you to quickly determine whether they are birthday or wedding anniversary, etc.
   You can change both fonts and their size. For the header I used the Palace Script MT font, while for the names I used the Bradley Hand ITC, to download it click here.

  Ø  Since this is a Macro containing worksheet, to fully use it, you need to 'Enable Content', it is an option that appears when you open the sheet at the top of the yellow bar. For more information about how to turn it, you will find at Microsoft Office website.

   For those who do not have Excel, or cannot turn on the macro, I prepared it in PDF format, where all the names, etc. have to be entered manually.

If you like it, please share it J

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